Travel to Erw Wen

Travel by Car

Most people drive to Erw Wen, taking about 4.5 hours from West London or 4 hours from the West Midlands plus stops. The later part of the drive is through some lovely country or with some spectacular sea views depending on the route you take. We send out a map and detailed instructions about the best routes and how to locate Erw Wen with the joining package.

Public Transport

It's relatively easy to get to Newport by public transport. We tend to use the train rather than bus as the journey is much faster and if you book ahead the cost is about £50 single (Sept 2015) or less.

Rail: Take the train via Swansea to Haverfordwest (or Fishguard). You need to change in Swansea. A return from London to Haverfordwest on a Saturday with advanced booking could be bought for about £80 in May 2014. Less if you have a rail card. There are sometimes better offers. If you leave it until the last minute it always costs much more.

The T5 bus leaves Haverfordwest Station every hour (Richards Bros) direct to Newport. See the timetable link below. If someone in your party has a car, they can come and meet you at Haverfordwest Station. Haverfordwest is about 35 minutes away by car and parking is free and easy at the station. You might have trouble finding the station first time. It is to the east of town; here's a map courtesy of

You can also get the train to or from Fishguard. From 2011 the service has been much better with seven trains a day. The timetables and other information can be found at which is a site produced to promote the new Fishguard and Goodwick station. In the past we found details of Fishguard trains difficult to get from the rail enquiry services. Regrettably the Fishguard train journey takes longer now than when the service first ran in 1909! See this Guardian Article.

By train, there's a lovely ride along the coast after Swansea. From London the train to Haverfordwest takes about 4.5 hours: About 3 hours to Swansea and 1.5 hours on to Haverfordwest. You can use the web links below to research how best to do it from your location. (Note that the examples of prices we've quoted are unlikely to be the ones you will get).

If someone in your party has a car, and is feeling really helpful, it is also possible to drive to Swansea to collect people from the train. The drive takes about 1.5 hours each way, but the overall time for those arriving on the train is much less.

Rail Timetables / Routes: or
Phone enquiries: National Rail Enquiries on 08457-484-950
Phone Bookings: 08457-000-125 (Great Western - we think).

Coach: From London, National Express run a twice daily coach to Haverfordwest, for as little as £14 single (with advance booking - last checked in August 2015). Contact National Express on 0871 781 8181 or go to
Our children have used this; it takes about 7 hours but is much cheaper than the train if you forget to book until the last moment.

Local Bus Service. The T5 bus service goes from Haverfordwest railway station (and then the Bus Station) to Newport direct. It departs about once per hour (during the day, on the hour) and the journey takes about an hour. Bus services are run by Richards Brothers. Tel 01239 613756. See for the Bus Company Web site. The latest timetables are at

Once the bus drops you in Newport centre, use the maps sent with the joining instructions to reach Erw Wen.

Last updated 9th August 2015