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3rd January 2018. A new release of LetSys is now available for testing. (V4.2.0.1).

This latest release offers a number of relatively minor enhancements, especially improving the ease of configuring and using the web site integration features..

The list of improvements is as follows:

  • This release supports up to 10 expense categories, increased from 6.
  • A new option enables a more reasonable rent to be calculated for a short let which straddles two weekly rates. The fixed charge is now based on a weighted average rate, based on the number of days at each rate. Existing users will see no change, but can change to the new calculation formula by checking the option "Use weighted average when short let straddles two rates" on the rent tab of the configuration program. See topic Minimum Charge for short let for more details. Note that existing users will see no change in the way the rent is calculated, unless they check the box. As this gives a more reasonable result, new users will find this is the default.
  • The web options have become more powerful, and there are more options. So they have been split into two tabs in the configuration program. web-down and web-up to cover download functions and upload functions respectively. More details are in the help file. .
  • If you download a Web Booking Form you need to process all incoming bookings before changing the order of your properties or the booking form won't be found. This possibility is now detected in more cases, especially for some Wordpress built sites. There's an improved error message for this problem.
  • Fixed a bug in Web / Synch Database, which occured when there was a property without a rates file.

Full details are in the Help file.

To download this beta, click on the link below. This will download HolLetSys4.2.exe(The file has been fully virus checked.)

See the installation notes below. (The file is 3 Megabytes in size)

Click here to download.

Important: It is essential for existing users to take a backup before installation with the Backup Tool. If you have done this we will be able to support you in the event of migration problems.

Installation notes

This version is downloaded and installed in exactly the same way as the official release. Just run the downloaded install module and follow the instructions. Please ensure LetSys is NOT RUNNING when you upgrade.

If you have already installed a previous version, there is no need to uninstall your existing version. Just install the new beta version "on top" of the old one. All the components will be replaced, but your configuration settings and your own data will be unaffected.

You may possibly encounter some problems with this version - please report them. Contact details are here.

Note: You need the free utility eFTP if you want to automatically upload the web availability file: More information / download.