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Read what our users say about the Holiday Letting System:

Alison Evens - Bawd Hall : "We have been using LetSys to manage our holiday property for several years now. What a difference it has made! I can see straight away when regular admin requires attention and produce letters quickly. At the click of a button, I can access standing information for repeat bookings, produce comparative statistics to gauge our performance, produce a forward booking list to help manage changeovers and upload availability to our web site. When I am not around, my husband can access LetSys to deal with telephone enquiries, which is so much better for everybody than leaving a message for me to call back." Alison has been using LetSys since 2008 - see the Bawd Hall website at

Hannah Bainbridge - Kendal Hideaways : "We are using the Holiday Letting System to manage a holiday apartment complex of 7 properties. It's great and has really transformed the way I work, making managing this number of properties much easier. I was one of the beta testers of the new version that lets you view the status of many more properties 'at a glance' and it certainly does the job for us. I am able to respond to bookings far more efficiently. We've also had some excellent support when problems could not be addressed using the very helpful troubleshooting support page." Hannah has helped us test new versions since September 2007 - her Apartment complex site is here:

Bob Stickland - Tiree Cottage : "Overall, a superb piece of software that has saved me so much work! I have four properties that are busy almost every week from late March to the end of October. The letter proforma section in particular allows me to send out at the click of a mouse. I do not know what I would do without it." Bob has used this system since November 2003, and his own web site is here:

Terry Hallett - Wight Island Escapes Ltd : "... an absolute fantastic holiday letting system! I am in my first full season of running a holiday letting company and currently have 21 properties on my books. This will soon be increasing to around 30 & my target for the short to medium term is to increase this further to at least 50. I have no hesitation what so ever in believing that LetSys can handle this number of properties and more. I evaluated LetSys before buying and found the 'help section' very useful and the system itself very 'user friendly'. "Support" is second to none. I worked closely with the developers as I required additional accounting features suitable for a larger agency, and this has now been added to LetSys. The finished product now exactly fits my own needs and requirements - where else would you get this kind of support! I could continue to say how good I think LetSys is but the best thing to do is just try it for yourself. In conclusion, I am so pleased that I found LetSys & I would be completely lost without it - a great system with great support which I totally recommend! Wight Island Escapes have been using LetSys since September 2010, their web site is here:

Paul Fowles - Dovey Cottages : "We are currently using the Holiday Letting system to manage 17 properties (as an agency).  We are now rapidly expanding to 30 cottages. The system has proven itself to be outstanding in every respect, and has made the management process of our properties far easier than with other previous management systems that we’ve used. We have in the past evaluated alternative products, however, LetSys has without doubt shown itself to be easier to use, with more functions and competitively priced compared to any similar product we found on the market. Support has also been excellent, with a very ‘hands on’ approach by the LetSys team." You can see Paul’s web site at

Mark Tucker - Norfolk Holiday Properties : "An excellent letting system, we use it to manage four properties in North Norfolk, and will soon be adding another two for next season. LetSys makes the whole booking process quick and easy. I also have a copy installed on my laptop enabling me to run the business when away". You can see the web site at

Robert Crabb: "As our holiday cottage became more popular my wife and I found we were spending more and more time on administration. There was always the question of how many times had guests been before and when. We would rummage through past paper work to come up with the answer. Now all the administration is handled very efficiently and effectively by this system. Questions are answered immediately and we now sound very professional on the telephone and by mail because LetSys comes up with the answers and produces the letters. A couple of weeks ago I had a query from the business rating authority asking about the income for the cottage over the past 5 years, I was able to provide the answer (broken down into my financial years) in just one key stroke!"

Duncan Cain: "I've been using the letting system for the past four years and find it an invaluable tool. I recently had a hard drive failure but was able to restore my data using the back-up and restore features. Backing up and transferring data has for me personally been the biggest single issue - and the latest version has certainly simplified the process." The new Backup and Restore tools became available in Version 3.1. Duncan's own web site is here:

Lee Johnson: "We have been using your holiday booking system for several months and just wanted to say how pleased we are with it. Running a small holiday company along side 2 full time jobs is not easy at the best of times but your software has made the whole process of bookings that much easier to deal with. I feel much more in control of my company knowing that everything is controlled from one program."
(See Brittany Leisure Breaks

John Brennan: "The best thing I ever did was to buy your system". (See his cottage at )

Jackie Gaskell:  "I'd be absolutely LOST without this programme's just what I didn't realise I needed." Jackie manages 3 properties - see

Reijo Toivanen: "I use this system to manage two properties. I really like the fact all the data is easily accessible from one place, and the very quick access to the current status. As one property is in USA, it is very useful to be able to have different changeover dates (in USA most lets are Sunday to Sunday) as well as to work in different currencies. It's a great system, very easy to use. I can recommend it."

Teresa Grafton:  "This holiday management system has really reduced the workload associated with letting our own holiday cottage. The automated letter production saves a great deal of time. So does the ability to handle repeat bookings with hardly a character being typed. Finally, the ability to quickly produce accounting data really speeds up producing the data for our tax returns."

Here are a few other examples of properties managed with the help of this system:

Puerto Real - in Javea, Spain:
Maglona Holiday Cottage, Aberaeron, West Wales: