Holiday Letting System - Release History.

This document describes the new features and changes that have been implemented in each new release. It sometimes refers to Help File topics where more information is available. To see these Help topics you must install the program, and then invoke Help in the usual way; once you have done so you can also see the release history in the Help file, under topic What's New. You can also download a copy of the help file by clicking here. (You may have to unblock this file to view it).

V4.2.0.2 released on 15th August 2018. This minor upgrade to release offers a few improvements as follows.

V4.2 first released on 16th May 2018:  This release offers a number of enhancements especially ones aimed at improving the ease of configuring and using the web site integration features. There is some assistance also to help comply with GDPR and improvements to the diagnostic features. Highlights include:

V4.1 first released on 22nd September 2016: This new version focuses on data security and integrity, and also provides improved data recovery. There are also a few improvements and fixes. This version has been upgraded twice, most recently on 22nd March 2017 to V4.1.0.7 with a few minor fixes and improvements, including making the sample data work for 2017.

Much more detail is given in the Help Documentation once you have installed the software. See the topic What's new?
This version is now the only supported version. Download from here.

V4.0.0.6 released on 26th January 2016: There are no changes in this release other than the sample data being updated (slipped) one year later, so potential customers will have some current data to use to test the system. Existing uses should upgrade if they are on an earlier version, except that there is no need for existing users to upgrade from V4.0.0.5 if this is working well.

V4.0.0.5 released on 28th October 2015: This is a minor upgrade, which gives slightly better help in some situations and has a couple of useability improvements. In addition it has been tested on Windows 10. Please see this article about upgrading to Windows 10 on our support forum by clicking
- If you accidentally select an existing (but incorrect) folder as your root folder (using the configuration program) it is now possible to revert to the default C:\LetSys folder, and then start again!
- If you use HTML email then the HTML proformas are now used in preference to the old text proformas. The system also identifies the existence of the old text files and gives better advice.

V4.0.0.1 released on 8th May 2015: This is a very minor upgrade. The sample data has been brought up to date. One minor fix is included which corrects a problem in Multiuser mode where the date would fail to line up with the weeks when the right border was dragged. There is no need for existing users to upgrade unless they are experiencing this problem.

V4.0 Released on 24th December 2014. "Multi-User version". This new version includes some major changes. The most significant is that it allows several users to be working with the booking system concurrently, when the data is shared on a LAN (local area network). You can also share data with additional users on "Cloud Storage" (for example, DropBox) although this option is less flexible. Full details on the Multi-user feature can be read (once installed) in Help Topic Running LetSys with Multiple Users.

For the majority of our users, running on just a single machine, there are many other useful features as listed below.


V3.7 Released on 27th September 2012 The main focus of the new release is better integration with a Web Site. In particular there are many new functions to help Letting Agencies manage their business, including handling management fees, accounting functions and additional reporting.  There are also improvements for the owner manager, better recovery, the improved web site integration and other useability improvements.

The new features available with this release are:


V3.6 Released on 16th September 2011 This release contains many functions to help Letting Agencies manage their business, including handling management fees, accounting functions and reports. There are also many improvements for the owner manager. (The latest version is dated 7/10/11 which distributes improved web scripts and fixes two minor problems.)

Features primarily for Letting Agencies:

Other improvements and changes

Note: Versions 3.4 and 3.5 were beta versions that were not released as production versions.


V3.3 Released on 13th February 2010. This new version focuses on improving integration with a web site, and adds several other new functions. Much more detail is given in the Help Documentation once you have installed the software. See the topic What's new?
This version is now the only supported version. Download from here.

V3.2 Released on September 1st 2009. This is a major new version offering many improvements requested by users. While some of these are particularly relevant for larger agencies (for example the new owner data base) many of the new features will be great interest to all users. More details are given in the Help Documentation once you have installed the software. See the topic What's new?

V3.1. Released on June 28th 2008. This was the first version to support more than than four properties. The following enhancements are implemented in LetSys 3.1

V2.6. This version was released on September 3rd 2007. This version was the first to support Windows Vista.

More details are in the Help file.

V2.5. This version was released on June 9th 2007.

The following major enhancements are available in this release. More details are in the Help file.


V2.4 Released on 14th August 2006.

This release includes the following enhancements and fixes. More details are in the help file.

V2.3 Released on 11th August 2005.

This release implemented the following enhancements:


V2.2 Released on 7th February 2005.

This release implements improvements for those users that use LetSys to help maintain a web site. It also improves editing to catch some potential errors when data is entered.

The following changes have been made. More details are in the help file.


V2.1 Released 1st December 2004. This is a major release, containing many new features based on user requirements.

The following enhancements are implemented in this new version. ( More details are in the help file). These enhancements derive from user requirements.

V2.0 September 2004: Never formally released, this was given to some users for testing. If you were one of those, you should upgrade now to V2.1.

V1.8 6 February 2004 This is a major new release. The improvements with this release were mostly suggested by users.

This is a full list of the improvements:


030926 V1.7 Major new release. The improvements are:

030523 V1.6 Improvements to printing (now adds date printed to all reports and improves the look and readability of some reports.)
Improved colour coding of the availability box so the colour indicates whether the deposit and balance have been paid. This is especially useful where there are two lets in the same week. You can now tell which has a payment outstanding.
The status window display code has been completely rewritten to improve performance and code maintainability.
The help files have been improved, and a few bugs fixed.
030429 V1.5 Added ability to have a configurable returnable deposit, the return of which is recorded.
Introduced new Database structure to handle the extra functions.
Added the ability to make the normal deposit a fixed amount.
Simplified the editing of the rates files to make this easier for a new user.
030326 V1.4 Improved the ability to support multiple users on one computer.
Two or 3 people can all use the system from their own user IDs.
Registered users can now switch off the initial "splash screen".
030315 V1.3 Added the ability to directly send letters by email from the default email client.
Also fixed some bugs and made some performance improvements.
030304 V1.2 First evaluation release. Now uses Inno Setup as the installation tool.


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